Con-Site Services, Inc. can handle clearing projects from small lots, right of ways, to as large as hundreds of acres. We perform all types of demolition and land clearing projects, hauling in and off material, tub grinding, mulching, silt fencing, earthwork such as grading, site prep and excavation among other site-work services.

Tub Grinding is the answer when cleared trees and debris can’t be burned on-site or when hauling it away is prohibitive. You can dramatically reduce the number of truckloads by turning trees to mulch. Our grinders are mobile and can handle entire trees, brush and stump debris. Con-Site Services, Inc. prides ourselves in providing our clients with the best possible results, which we have earned an outstanding reputation. We carry all proper insurance coverage and keep trained personel and well serviced equipment on a busy year round schedule. Call today for a quote on your next project!

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